List of Posters

Poster contributions of registered participants (as of May 25, 2019)

A. Acharova Dense clouds of circumgalactic gas as the building material for fist globular clusters formation
F. Annibali LBT/MODS spectroscopy of globular clusters in the starburst dwarf galaxy NGC 4449
M. Aoki Lithium in globular clusters
M. Arca Sedda The connection between stellar and nuclear clusters: implications for gravitational wave sources formation
F. Aros Globular clusters and possible central intermediate mass black hole impersonators
A. Bahramian The MAVERIC survey – Energetic systems in Galactic globular clusters
L. Bassino Globular cluster systems as guides on the host-galaxy evolution: peculiar versus standard properties
G. Beccari The early stages of star cluster formation seen by OmegaCAM and Gaia
A. Bellini Internal kinematics of globular clusters with HST
D. Belloni Cataclysmic Variables in Globular Clusters: properties of bright and faint populati
S. Beradze Possible Connection between P Cygni and Neighboring Open Clusters
J. Bodensteiner A MUSE Adaptive Optics view of the massive star population in the SMC cluster NGC 330
A. Boecker How the integrated light of the Sagittarius dSph nucleus unveils its formation history
F. Bosco SOWAT: Speckle observations with alleviated turbulance
A. Bragaglia NGC 6388 reloaded : multiple populations as seen by FLAMES
I. Caiazzo Hunting for ancient BDs in GCs
M. Cantiello Globular cluster populations in the Fornax galaxy cluster: a report from the FDS Survey
C. Caravita Dynamical models of spheroidal multi-component stellar systems
J. A. Carballo-Bello Searching for extra-tidal features around Galactic globular clusters using Gaia-DR2
J. P. Caso Globular clusters in isolated ellipticals, the case of NGC6411 and scaling relations
W. Chantereau The evolution of the interstellar medium in stellar clusters
S. Chen Distances to the Globular Clusters 47 Tucanae and NGC 362 Using Gaia DR2 Parallaxes
H. Cho Joint WFC3/IR and ACS Photometric Study of Globular Clusters in the Virgo and Fornax Clusters
R.-H. Chun Chemical abundances of red supergiant clusters (RSGCs) in Scutum-Crux arm
R. Church Was the Sun born in M67? Constraints from galactic dynamics
G. Cordoni Kinematics of Multiple Stellar Populations in Globular Clusters with Gaia
K. Cunha The abundance of fluorine in the Globular Cluster M 4
F. Cusano GEP I:  a globular cluster  in the center of the dwarf spheroidal galaxy Andromeda XXV?
J. Dabringhausen Dynamically stable models for galactic centres
K. Dage Ultraluminous X-ray Sources in Extragalactic Globular Clusters
N. Davari Interaction of Stars Hosting Planets with Sgr A* Black hole
B. De Bortoli Analysis of the globular cluster system of NGC 3613 by means of GMOS images
B. Deme Black hole binary disruptions via intermediate mass black holes
P. Di Cintio Brownian motion of black holes in Galaxy cores
B. Dias  1- Breaking the dichotomy between typical and anomalous globular clusters
2-The VISCACHA survey – deep and resolved photometry of star clusters in the Magellanic Clouds
F. Dinnbier Tidal tails of open star clusters as probes to early gas expulsion: Predictions for GAIA
A. Ennis Wide-field study of NGC 1172 and its rich globular cluster system
K. Fahrion Constraining nuclear star cluster formation using globular cluster systems
M. Fellhauer Chemo-kinematical tracers to distinguish dSph formation channels
G. Fragione Merging Black Holes of Any Size and Hierarchy
Y. Funato A new method to simulate long-term evolution of stars near massive BH
A. Garofalo RR Lyrae stars in Globular Clusters: invaluable tools to validate and exploit Gaia data
F. Goettgens Emission-line objects in Galactic globular clusters with MUSE
C. A. Guerra Reassessing the formation of wide binaries through star cluster dissolution
T. Habelsma The globular cluster system of the Auriga simulations
C. Hamilton Secular dynamics of binaries in stellar clusters: a new channel for LIGO sources
M. Hempel Multiple Globular Cluster Populations- the case of NGC 4365
V. Henaut-Brunet The black hole content of globular clusters: results from multimass modelling
M. Hilker Galactic globular clusters: a new catalog of masses, structural parameters, velocity dispersion profiles, proper motions and space orbits
D. Horta The Contribution of Globular Clusters to the Stellar Content of the Galaxy
S. Jang Multiple populations in globular clusters: Unified efforts from stellar evolution and chemical evolution models
C. Johnston Asteroseismically calibrated isochrone-cloud modelling of young massive star clusters
H. Kim The LEGUS Star Cluster Catalog: Selection and Identification of Cluster Candidates
E. Kolomiecas Abundance of zirconium in the atmospheres of red giants in the NGC 104 (47 Tuc)
K. Kremer Globular Clusters as Factories of Binary Black Holes
K. Kumamoto Globular Clusters as Factories of Binary Black Holes
R. Kumar UVIT Observations of UV-Bright stars in Galactic Globular Clusters
E. Lagioia Helium variations in Galactic and extragalactic Globular Clusters
A. Leveque MOCCA-SURVEY Database I: preliminary study of Extra-Galactic Globular Cluster
M. Macleod Racing Black Hole Populations in Globular Clusters
Y. Meiron Mass loss of globular clusters on eccentric Galactic orbits
A. Minelli Chemical and kinematic study of Large Magellanic Cloud RGB stars
S. Monty Constraining the epoch and chemical conditions of Milky Way Globular Cluster formation and evolution
M.I. Moretti STREGA@VST (STRucture and Evolution of the GAlaxy): the case of Pal3
Sindhu N Detection of White Dwarf Companions to Blue stragglers from UVIT observation of M67
R. Naujalis Star Clusters of the Andromeda Galaxy. Multicolour HST Photometry
M. G. Navarro Microlensing Events and RR Lyrae population in the galactic bulge
P. Kumar Nayak UVIT- HST – Gaia -VISTA study of star cluster Kron 3 in the Small Magellanic Cloud: A cluster with a large spread in metallicity?
J. Parada Torres Evolution and Origin of Blue Stragglers in 47 Tucanae
M. Pasquato 1– Finding IMBHs with machine learning: encouraging results
2– Clustering clusters: unsupervised machine learning meets globular cluster structural parameter
F. Phipps Identifying and characterising low-mass stellar systems in the early universe
S. Raso Spectral Energy Distributions of Blue Straggler Stars in the core of 47 Tuc
S. Rieder The effect of spiral tides on the formation and evolution of star clusters
M. Rodruck Stellar populations in tidal tails
S. Rozier Mapping the stability of stellar rotating spheres via linear response theory
N.B. Sabha Extreme young star clusters with MAORY+MICADO at the E-ELT: the Arches cluster
S. Sahu Far and Near-Ultraviolet observations of a low-density Globular Cluster NGC 5466 with Indian UV Space Telescope UVIT
Y. Sakurai Growth of intermediate mass black holes in first star clusters
R. Salinas GLIMPSE-C01: the most massive intermediate-age star cluster in the Galaxy
R. Schiavi The collision between the Milky Way and Andromeda and the fate of their Supermassive Black Hole
A. Seleznev An investigation of the nearby open clusters with Gaia DR2
E.V. Semadeni The interaction between forming clusters and their parent molecular clouds
D. Semionov  Structure of the open cluster Collinder 463 revealed by Gaia astrometry
M. F. Sharina Modeling and analysis of medium-resolution integrated-light spectra of globular clusters in dwarf galaxies
B. Shukirgaliyev  Star Clusters in the Galactic Tidal Field, from birth to dissolution

G. Singh Understanding the dynamical status of Galactic Globular Cluster NGC 6656
L. Subr Intermediate-mass black holes in binary rich star clusters
W. Sun Stellar rotation and the extended main sequence turnoff in the open cluster NGC 5822
A. Szolgyen Anisotropic mass segregation in rotating globular clusters
M. Tailo Mass loss of different stellar populations in globular clusters.
N. Tanakul RR Lyrae analysis in the Local Group globular clusters and dwarf galaxies.
S. Tornamienti A simple two-component description of mass segregation for anisotropic globular clusters
A. Trani Binary black hole mergers from Keplerian three-body encounters in nuclear star clusters
R. Urquhart Deep radio observations of Terzan 5
T. S. van Albada Diffusion in globular clusters: the Chandrasekhar-Spitzer controversy and the (ir)relevance of distant interactions
Y. Wang The Chemical Feature of Miras in 47 Tuc
Z. Yuan Searching for the Debris from Dwarf Galaxies and their Associated Globular Clusters
Y. Zhao Identifications of faint X-ray sources in galactic globular clusters NGC 5272, NGC 7099 and NGC 6752
H. Zinnecker Star clusters and the powers of 10