Topics Included

  • ¬†Formation and evolution of globular clusters at high and low-redshift
  • Multiple stellar populations in stellar clusters
  • Dynamics and evolution stellar content and exotic populations (BHs, gravitational waves sources, compact remnants and X-ray sources) of massive clusters
  • Links between GCs, massive open clusters, young massive clusters, nuclear star clusters, ultra- faint dwarfs, ultra-compact dwarfs, and dwarf galaxies
  • Globular clusters and satellite systems in the Local Group and beyond
  • Extragalactic globular clusters: constraints on the formation and evolution from integrated light and integrated spectroscopy
  • Star clusters and dwarfs as building blocks of galactic halos
  • The Gaia revolution for star clusters
  • Galactic archeology with ongoing and future large surveys
  • The future instrumentation from the ground and space